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Nweze Financial Solutions LLC provides tax preparation, bookkeeping, and business consulting services for Artists, Activists, and Nonprofits.

Our Services


Tax Preparation

The IRS can be scary for creatives. We have years of experience in assisting our clients in meeting IRS deadlines and filing requirements. Our understanding of the challenges that creatives face allows us to advise our clients in a manner that maintains their sanity and meet compliance requirements.



Bookkeeping defined is the tracking of all financial transactions of a business or organization. For years we have worked with some of the most traditional and eclectic organizations. We pride ourselves in being able to bridge the gap between creativity, purpose, and financial reporting.


Business Consulting

We are a team of artists and activists with creative passion and purpose for improving our community. Combined, these passions and our business and financial expertise allow us to effectively guide our clients navigating the requirements of living and working within a capitalist environment. 

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